The Website

Check out my Node Monitor for more information on the website. The source code for this version can be found here: Bananomonitor.

About Me

To choose a representative you trust I think it is most important that you trust the person who is running the node. Because of that I want to give you some personal information about me.

My name is Nico Fricke and I am currently living in Bremen/Germany. I am into Nano since early December 2017 and started to like Banano as a Nano testing currency. In the Nano Discord I am mainly around in the #support channel where you might have seen me. I am 21 years old and right now I study computer science at the University of Bremen. You can find me on Reddit, Twitter, Steam, Telegram, Matrix ( and Discord (NiF#3422).

Why do I run this node?

I like hosting stuff. It is fun for me to setup something like this and keep it running as stable as possible. Also I like Nano. The tech behind it is so simple but also so awesome (check for more information on the tech). One problem that still exists is that there are only a small number of representatives which have most of the voting power. To change this I setup this node. And to make it easier for people to trust me with their voting power I give as much transparency as possible. So if you have any question remaining unanswered don't hesitate to contact me on any of the accounts mentioned in the about me section.

How do I keep sure the node is running 24/7?

This node is hosted on a root-server by Netcup. Netcup is a german hosting provider with which I never had any problems. Downtimes outside of scheduled security patches never happened. The scheduled downtimes were always communicated accordingly and took only some minutes until everything was up again. The underlying OS is a headless Ubuntu 16.04 which has been stable for me on many different servers and VMs. The hardware specification of this server is 2 vCPU cores, 4GB RAM and a 40 GB SSD.

There are checks running which will notify me the moment the node goes offline or is not reachable for any reason. I will always keep the node software updated as soon as there is a new release in place. Also my Nano node is running since the end of january without major problems.

How can you support me?

If you want to rent anything from netcup feel free to contact me. I can give you referral keys which give you up to 30% discount while I get 10% of everything you pay to netcup. So it would be a great deal for both of us :P.

If you want to support me directly you can donate me some Banano to the address at the bottom or you can check out my Node Monitor for how to support me using Nano.

How can you contact me?

For any open questions you can contact me on one of the channels mentioned in the "About Me" chapter. For the people who are not active on any of the mentioned platforms here is my email address: Contact

Why should you use me as your representative?

Well in the chapter above I described how I will make sure the node is running 24/7. Also I wrote a bit about me so that you know who I am and when checking my social network sites you can make sure that I am really who I claim I am. And last but not least I offer a e-mail list you can subscribe to. I will write about any updates concerning my node (probably about two emails per month). To subscribe just write an e-mail to from the e-mail you want to subscribe with. You can always unsubscribe by just writing me that you want to unsubscribe.